FAQs and Policy

Our story

In business for over three decades, Unique Boutique has become synonymous with high quality, beautiful, modest/tznius, fashion.

People come from all over the country, and the world, to browse our vast selection of casual, dressy, and formal wear. Whatever the occasion or climate, Unique Boutique will go above and beyond to find the right dress for the customer. Not only does this apply to style, but fit as well. When customers walk into Unique Boutique, they know they will walk out looking their best.

We at Unique Boutique are known to work with customers to make sure they achieve exactly the right look and fit they are going for, even by going to suppliers and customizing gowns or outfits when needed. Often, we won't let our customers buy an item if we don't feel the clothing makes them look and feel spectacular. We are known for being extremely honest, and putting the customer needs before the sale, which is why Unique Boutique has built such a large and devoted clientele.

Whenever you are next in Brooklyn or Lakewood, be sure to stop in and say Hi. And don't forget your free water and calendar!